Our Success Stories

At Lancer Select we work to train basketball players not only in the art of basketball, but to be future role models and leaders. Here are some of our success stories.

Lancer Select has been an environment where I felt safe learning, growing, and developing. I started off playing basketball in 4th grade but I met Dave and Lannie Vance as my coaches and trainers in 7th. Their knowledge of the game and dedication to my success is the reason I continued to play at Lake Park once I got to high school. Throughout that time they were still supporting me and giving me ways to be the best player I could be.

As I was playing at Lake Park, both of them asked me to coach with them at Lancer Select. This was my first time coaching, I was in my junior year, and I was given another opportunity for me to learn. I got to see the game from a new perspective. Coaching the girls in my high school years taught me to trust my abilities and trust that I had done the work. Meaning I am ready and capable to perform.

After two years of coaching for Lancer Select I went to play basketball at Concordia University Chicago. I earned my degree in 5 years while playing basketball for 4 and lacrosse for 2. Throughout my time at CUC I always felt that the way I performed, the teammate I was, and the characteristics I had, came from being coached by Lannie and Dave but also from the environment that Lancer Select provided me. My work ethic, drive, and passion were very evident and I am thankful to be the player I was and will forever be because of the experiences I have had.

Now I am graduated and home from college and I desire to watch each of these young players develop and lean on this program just as I did. My love for basketball will never go away and my passion to give these players my very best for their success and their future is always growing. There is so much more to come!